Issues with a Vanilla server!!!

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  • Goodevening! I am having some trouble getting a stable server going, it seems like something is bottlenecking on the pc but everything looks fine from the way I am seeing it. Before I start replacing the hardware (which I know isnt new but should be capable). I am using an Intel i3 530 with 4 GB of ram, 2 of which are currently allocated to the server.jar, and a normal 7200 rpm hdd. I have a feeling its my harddrive or the ram, but looking at the minimum specs it seems to check all the boxes. Currently 5 people are playing on it, but the issues (can’t keep up) start with just one guy on it.

    TLDR& Server not working properly, need help figuring out what hardware is failing me.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

    tweakbox appvalley