New enchantment for chestplates: Pull

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  • As many know, a chestplate is the most costly piece of armor to make but also has no unique enchantments. I suggest a "pull" enchantment. Another name could be gravity, or wind, but I'll call it Pull for now. reverse phone lookup

    Pull enchantment books can only be found in fishing, they are very rare, much like Frost Walker books. nba reddit

    Pull has a very weak effect of pulling in people, mobs, and items within a 6 block radius of the user. So weak that even if you are crouching or walking with a drawn bow, you can easily overpower the pull effect enough to leave the radius, assuming that the user doesn't follow you fast enough. So this enchantment is more to slow down those who try to escape you, but it has multiple uses, here's a few I can think of:

    Escaping a player who has this on their chestplate will become a little harder. pcpartpicker

    You can use an armor stand with this enchantment to do lots of things, mostly just things that you wouldn't want to stand there doing for hours on end.