Buffer Chain Thaumcraft 4 Essentia system is jamming.

  • Hello everybody,

    I recently started playing Minecraft on some community server. Practically never played Minecraft before properly. I must say I love Thaumcraft and piping system for essentia. I built something people are calling "bufferchain". I have one Alembiq with pipe in to set of buffers and each buffer have 3 jars of specific essentia. After that I have some more pipes with some Thaumatoriums and more jars to store essentia for those Thaumatorium machines followed by void jars to filter primal essentia and final part of chain is set of three centrifuges.

    In the end, the idea was that I will have some farms, those would be pumping material to the forge and through alembiq to chain. One of Thaumatorium with Infernal Forge will create Alumentum to fuel it.

    But when I pump 4 or more stacks of Wheat into it, it starts to be jammed at some point because buffers and centrifuges are too filled with essentia of different kind.

    I was thinking about making set of crystalizers to support the chain but did not found something like check for the system being jammed.

    You people here play this mode immensely more time than me and I wouldlike to stay on essentia pipes and not going with golem sorting.

    Can I ask you for help with that jamming and some work aro

    solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/

    und for it?

    Thank you kindly.