Adding mods - FTP & Steam

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  • Hi!

    I was wondering if there is an automated process to let the server download the mods directly from the workshop instead of me having to upload them via FTP.

    Uploading UNSUNG takes about an hour and a half, and i want to add RHS and CUP as well. For Example the Space Engineers servers you just have to fill in a workshop ID and the server will download it, but the MOD line in the Arma server settings is only a dropdown menu but not a text field to enter ID's.



  • Took me about 2 hours just to upload UNSUNG, ACE and TFAR. During each of these mods i got an error message indicating i can't upload .dll files. These files are necessary for the mods to work. Please let me know if there is a different way to get mods on the server.