Doubts about the characteristics of the Conan Exiles servers

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  • Hi, i have a Conan Exiles server for around 1 month already.

    I rented the 6 months pack for 10 slots.

    It have Max 6GB RAM, then i upgraded the number of slots to 15 and now again to 20. But the RAM still the same, 6 GB... and in the G-Portal info about my server it show that it is using 9,74GB/6GB!!.


    Is that normal?

    Wouldn't this have to increase the maximum RAM too, by increasing the slots?

    The server for now work fine just sometimes it have a bit of lagg, almost nothing but i'm worrying about it.

  • My server is the same way. 15 slots, 6GB base RAM and we're consistently hitting upwards of 8.5+ out of 6.

    G-Portal, is there a way to increase the RAM allocation for these servers????