• Okay so I’ve been on and off on Conan since day one, there’s an alpha tribe on this server it’s hella populated and hellaaa boosted whatever. These guys have a bow that cuts my health to half. He fired from the hip when I tried to rush him. What is it? I’ve done a full accuracy build and can get an okay amount of health down but not what he can. Flawless bows and dragon and star arrows. He also has a champion thrall from the admin he always has with him. We’re prepping like 10 people to hit their lag spike of a base. They killed us all with only 2 people. We can gang bang em when they’re alone but within minutes the rest of their clan is right there. Their poison weapons also do more poison than mine. Help in finding the most over powered bows and weapons and armor? What can I do to be a match against them