No more Flyer on NON-Genesys map since last update : 27/02 13:41

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  • So since today's patch as mentionned in object, our flyers are unusable on Ragnarok, TheIsland, Extinction. We still have the [E] mount option when near the flyer but it doesn t do anything.

    Wondering if it can come from host side as I didn t find anything about it on the web (ark official forum and other discords)

    Flyers work well on Genesys when activated in the options

    Any help/idea will be appreciated


  • Hey man,

    I am not here to help with the issue, but I am here to raise attention to this problem. This needs to be fixed, but there is no resource that will help us and our problem. Sorry for getting your hopes up but I need this issue to shine in the spotlight so developers resolve it. My bad.