How to make a good Zeus mission?

  • So for a while now I've been watching people like Liru and have really gained a passion for zeusing but I don't feel like I can make a good mission. I've made a few before but I can't figure out how to make them interesting and long enough where everybody can have a lot of gameplay.

    I'm basically trying to ask how to make missions fun, like what type of mission should I try to make and how to link one objective to the next and also have it make sense from a plot standpoint.

    My most recent one is a spec-ops inspired one where the players investigate a camp which leads them to an objective where they fight to clear a small town where they then find more intel leading them to a train yard for the final objective. The only reason I haven't played it yet is because of mod errors causing the server to die for whatever reason but roadrunner email I can't help feeling that, once people do play it, they will be disappointed.

    The only way I can seem to make a mission is if if has a dark plotline like a deadly virus or something similar and that's obviously not the only way but whenever I try to make a mission I am left with a weird feeling because my small group is attacking Russians in a small town during ww3 but there's not nearly enough troops on either side to make it seem like ww3. Can anyone give some advice?