Creating servers with fewer than 10 slots for ARK?

  • Hi

    I realize the need to sell slots at a minimum of 10, but could it be made so we can create servers with lower than 10 slots?

    I for example want to play ARK with a couple of friends at the most. Ultimately I would like to create a cluster multi map setup.

    Being able to hop from "The Island" to "Scorched" and "Ragnarok" etc. via the inter-server travel system in ARK.

    But I feel like buying 10 slots per each map would be a waste for me when only 2-3 people are playing on the servers.

    So ideally if we could make servers with 5 slots minimum, that would be great? Or even lower if it doesn't effect your earnings at G-portal.

    Best regards. :thumbsup:

  • You have to rent 10 slots, because that's the minimum the server is profitable on.

    Even if you could rent less slots, they won't cost less than the 10 slot package. The game is pretty demanding on the hosts they run on, to compensate for that, there is a minimum amount of slots you can rent.