Server Updating

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  • That would be awesome. We've had it updating this afternoon and now it's updating AGAIN. I'm really getting frustrated.

    EDIT: Also, I have auto updates off. It still went to updating.

  • Just a message to say server is going to be down from this time to this time would be fine. Ive also turned off the autoupdate.

    Hopefully it wont be long my ark cravings are starting to kick in, might go into Ferox beast mode if its any longer

  • So this morning a have a message from g-portal refunding me a day and saying the server is fixed. Search for the server, cant see it, try a restart and guess what......UPDATING again!!! God i wish there was no tether in solo host.

  • Many issues here as well. Connexion with servers lost / latency with ingame actions, chain disconnections.

    Mainly with Ragnarok & The Island.

  • They just keep telling me my servers fine but its not, i cant find it and when i restart it says updating.

    I dont know if their ignoring me or trying to fix it, they havent responded for a few hours