Conan Exiles server PS4 - server doesn't restart

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  • Dear all,

    A friend has rented a Conan Exiles server for PS4. From some time we have had some issues and we reinstalled the server. The server now doesn't boot properly and by the tools provided in g-portal it appears the server is unable to boot. It goes online and in the moment after goes offline.

    Telneting to game server IP and Port also is NO GO. We do not have access to the server logs, so the real reason of the problem is unknown to us, may it be corrupted filesystem or just a zombie process running preventing the server to bind successfully to the IP/Port. Any special reason why game server logs are not available? It could pretty much speed up this instead of having people going into wild goose chases (my oppinion)...

    So, how can one have a homo sapiens from g-portal to check those server logs and provide some support?