Ark PS4 Dedicated

  • Hello G Portal,

    I am considering hiring a dedicated Ark PS4 server from London. We did this previously with another company and now want to start again.

    I wanted to check that if we go ahead with this that there is a console where I will be able to edit everything about the server, reset it at my leisure and also be able to rewind the time on it to bring it back to a previous time as these were things I could previously do with the old one. This would include being able to change gather rates for all items, quality of loot for all kinds of loot chests, imprinting and baby maturation rates etc.

    I wanted to also ask about clusters. With the old one we had a main 10 slot Ragnarok map that was clustered with another 10 slot one that we were able to change the map of whenever we wished i.e. change to The Island, Aberration, Extinction Genesis that we would be able to transfer our characters over to when needed.

    Please let me know when possible as I am looking to proceed with purchase imminently.

    Many thanks in advance.