Ones upon a time a player's base became too big and turn out that's violated some kind of hidden rules therefore got a ban with out any warning. end of tale

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  • I just want to warn everyone there are some hidden rules what funcom ad-hoc applied and you can get a BAN.

    I just want to warn every player who are same enthusiastic for build things as I am before they have the same experience as I had (I would emphasize it I did not block anything , I did not walled around any obelisk, and other players could used my maprooms , roads, etc)

    Do not build too much buildings in this game believe me it's not worth spend your free time for this game (i do not have to waste any word for that fact Funcom has worst user support in the history)

    Funcom advertised and promoted this game : "build a home and kingdom" so they encouraged you to build as much you want but when you did then they suddenly just wiped out all of your buildings and ban out you from official servers without any warring

    because you violated some kind of hidden rules


    "it was determined that excessive amounts of structures and placeables were being used to intentionally have a negative impact on the server’s performance."

    "Your structures were built in such a way to have a negative impact not only on player’s experiences and performance, but also on the server performance."

    Develop better game? NO:!:

    Fix game's engine problem? NO:!:

    Limit palcabels or building pieces? NO:!:

    BAN out that player? right that is their solution for a game's engine problem.:?:

    and If you told the ugly truth at FUNCOM forum then you could get a Final Suspension!

    So definitely this game is not worth it to spend you expensive free!!! It's definitely a waste of your time to play with this game as they can destroy everything what you created!

    If you wanted to play that kind of game where there are some hidden rules and one of them is violated by you and they reward you with ban out from official game servers then is definitely a game for you.

    and this is the funcom admins explanation (I put it mine after the dash):

    Community Support:

    1. Even though freedom of expression through building is encouraged via the sandbox and building system of the game, deliberate use and abuse of known exploits to not only negatively impact the rest of the players in the server, but the server itself, is not something we can let go.

    - that is the first problem if more than one players are gaming on an official server then that has already negatively impact the server performance.

    Otherwise I was not aware I am have been using known exploits (so they should not have called Known exploits because very few people aware of that fact) and if they are aware about that known exploits then they should have fix that instead of BAN out players. Moreover that could be a big problem if someone use too much from a building pieces then that could become an exploit... I would emphasize it again: only one player was able to cause that problem on that server where 40 player supposed to play.

    If that game's engine is so bad then they should have limit palcabels or building pieces because that is a solution (or at least create some public rule) and ad hoc ban out players is not a solution.

    2. In your case in particular, we found you abused this exploit in large numbers, very close together, in baffling ways. Impact on the server was miserable.

    -there is building freedom which is not freedom at all because if a player violate some kind of hidden rules then awarded with a ban , very good solution as usual which typical at funcom. I would emphasize it again: only one player was able to cause that problem on that server where 40 player supposed to play.

    that behavior can cause so huge server problem then they should have limit palcabels or building pieces or at least create some public rule.

    3. On top of that, your clan deliberately found amusing to build all over the map in a structure that would go from the starter river up to the volcano. A single structure to basically control and gate access to many of the map locations, spawns and resources.

    -(other fact another player has a foundation wall all around the map which is starter river up to the volcano (that wall was double long as mien high road) but it seems that very very very long wall did not blocked anything just mine, very interesting attitude ))

    So basically a Player can get a BAN if player is wearing hat and even then not wearing as well

    - So building freedom and build your kingdom is a big lie because if player's kingdom is too big then give a ban for that player of course without any warning - very good solution! For Your Information: if anyone build something then that is inevitable block something and there is only one building rule : do not block the starter area but it seems there is some ad hoc hidden rules and if a player violate then that can lead to Ban of course without any warning - very good solution keep up the good work!

    4. Combine 1, 2 and 3 and we definitely had a problem there.

    - So basically 1,2 and 3 is about the same fact I built too much and they rewarded with a big BAN. :!: