Official Server #1518 PvE-C Americas

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  • Tonight around 10pm EST I noticed that structures were invisible aside from the occasional torch, thrall, or door. Massive areas were empty where things once stood.
    I got to my base and stuff started to slowly load, I went inside found my bedroll and logged out to do some stuff irl. Came back about 10 minutes later and began to log in via Steam. It took 15 minutes or more to finally get into game, the server being 20/40.

    When I finally log in I am naked, there is no floor below me and my thralls are visible, some chests and a few crafting stations. I see my dead body below me several tiles underground and my penis is resting upon the skull stand of my lootable pile. The problem is I have no UI, no chat window, can't move, can't roll. I can jump in place and punch the air and rotate my camera around me, but that's it. I cannot interact with anything at all. I had a ton of stuff on me and I know for certain this is affecting other players the same way on this server as I see my dead offline clanmates standing over their bodies as well. Moreover I have one of them in discord with me as I type this experiencing the same thing. If these issues I am seeing tonight are actually happening, the server needs a rollback as a lot of people lost stuff for no damn reason. Here is a pic

    Over the past 3 weeks, like clockwork, at 6pm EST, the server has gone to crap. It would lag beyond belief and begin kicking people from the game only to have them wait upwards of 20 minutes to get back in game. Of course they would be out in some biome or pvping and be vulnerable to whatever or whoever and lose all their things due to corpse decay or being looted by someone. Of course having your time wasted and not being able to play at all is probably the worst of it. Something needs to be done about this. This is really unplayable and game-breaking.

  • This is what I saw in my log the next morning logging in naked with all my stuff gone:

    Apparently this happened all night and I hundreds of deaths. You need to fix this crap.