This is awful.

  • This is awful. There is no help I bought a sever for Ark PS4 there isn't anything to help me. It is not common sense either, there no direction on what to do! I have no idea how to set up the sever, how to join the sever, how my friends join the sever.

    My initial thought was to check the built in feature of the wiki, it was says PS4 and PC... When trying to follow these steps it quickly comes to me that its actually just PC, so that information was now useless.

    I asked the staff for help through a ticket, how to set up a sever, there response was "Give yourself a unique nice name, then youll find it in game".

    How useless! The interference is so terrible i dont know how to change my name, i dont know where im looking in game for my sever!

    There needs to be a lot of changes, cuz i still havent got my sever up and i bought it last night![