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    Ich habe folgenden Log bei mir stehen

    [25/Aug/2017:16:01:48] Startup
    [25/Aug/2017:16:01:48] Game profile path: D:\home\sid_275834\farmingSim_2017\profile
    [25/Aug/2017:16:01:48] Initializing mod download manager... (0.09) ms
    [25/Aug/2017:16:01:54] Build initial mod meta cache... (6162.64) ms
    [25/Aug/2017:16:01:54] URL(s):
    [25/Aug/2017:16:02:00] Login initial admin with username 'admin'
    [25/Aug/2017:16:03:25] Game server process started
    [25/Aug/2017:16:03:25] Game server started
    [25/Aug/2017:16:03:35] Error: Unable to start game server: Could not save settings for gameserver start

    Was kann ich dagegen tun der server schaltet immer wieder auf Offline!