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    Where do you have to report, in order to get the double "" game / running time "you have lost credited?:)

    Big Boo to G-portal, I paid them on the 21st of July, i rented the server, so i paid their product that was up at that time, to find out it was not up.
    They failed to deliver a product they have sold, then all was good and fine as the server would be up in a day, then it was 4 to 6 days.
    At the 10th day i've decided that G Portal officially could NOT deliver and went with GTX gaming, instant set up, perfect service, best server ever.

    G-portal never contacted me as a customer, they really dont care, I'm glad i have only lost 10 euro on this BS provider and not more. Afterall it took them a total of 14 days to finally deliver, and OFCOURSE no days are added to my account.
    Never again,

    Very pleased I have my servers for The Forest, Minecraft, ARK and now Black and Light elsewhere.

    But believe me - gportal is the right choice, even if you now have to wait. Even tho it was bad luck and perhaps not the best idea of gportal to advert "Get your DnL Server now" alike.

    i already noticed that by the fast responses :) :thumbup::thumbup:

    Nowadays nobody cares ... they think, if its paid it must be AAA.

    5 hrs left, then I need a SERVAAAA :D

    Oh no, dont get me wrong, i KNOW its an EA and I know all the bugs and hickups that comes along with it, not an EA noob. ;)

    My point is, other server providers, dont let you put up an paid account yet for the server till they actually have the files, but on g-portal it is listed as if they already have the servers up and running, that is exactly why i picked g-portal and not any other server provider.
    My point, is the mislead of advertisement, which ofc i should have known better that they couldnt have had the servers up and running in such early stage, but my excitement for the game took over and actually believed their own advertisement of the gameserver being available now.

    and thats when my disappointment kicked in.

    Which im sure that the team behind G-portal is just as anxious as i am as per waiting on those files, and due to the quick responding of the team, im confident the servers will be available soon :thumbsup: :thumbup:

    Now i shall take the opportunity of this wait and do something usefull and join the human world till ill zombie mode at the game ^^

    Hey, yes i think they will do it asap, we will double up your missing playdays then :)

    Thank you! the missed playdays isnt something i'm worried about, its generous to offer though, im just impatient as im overexited by the game!
    Thank you for the quick reply though!! very much appreciated! :thumbsup:


    I just rented a server at g-portal as it was advertised that i could get a Dark and Light server.

    Now.... after i paid and all, it turns out that the advertisement SHOULD have said "available soon" as its not in the server list ability to set up yet?

    any idea how, why this miscommunication and what the ETA is on when i can use the product i paid for?

    thanks in advance!