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    [b]Current Version: v203.2
    * 203.2: Fixed client-side memory leak! (also helps perf!)
    * 203.1: Gates & Gate Foundations no longer get destroyed when attached to fence foundations (fence foundations are considered valid support for them now).[/b]
    * Falling vaults don't float on wires anymore and they can fall multiple times now
    * Sotf notifications now show up to 4 tribesmates on the tribe eliminated notification, if a sotf server is set to allow 4-player tribes.
    * Defaulted max tamed dinos to 5000 up from 3700
    * Blueprint cost overrides now are used correctly for reals.
    * Spraygun now uses paint up properly
    * Ptero now drops its carried character if it barrel rolls
    * Now craft-all is limited to 100 iterations to avoid craft-all spam stalls. convenient enough for now ;)
    * A dino that was ridden will now take fall damage once if it was unboarded in mid-air.
    * Door interaction shouldn't get stuck anymore on client
    * Player-level-up multipliers are now used properly when respawning
    * Ptero don't allow barrelrolling when encumbered
    * Torpored doedicurus will now exit ball-state properly
    * Glasses now correctly placed on doedicurus
    * All mammoth attacks now will harvest properly
    * Fixed a rare server crash involving pickupable structures (sleeping bags, turrets, etc)
    * Support for Giant Moon Meteor Extinction Event!…detail/111816487013236272

    Current Version: v202.0
    * New Creature: Doedicurus! You're gonna love his totally awesome special abilities, that go further than the Dossier -- let's just say, The Blue Blur might be making an appearance on ARK :)

    * New Item: Primitive Organic Automated Turret
    * New Item: Automatic Spray-Paint 'Gun'
    * Servers can now edit a multiplier for player and dino level-upgrade amounts per-stat (and also different numbers in the case of wild dinos).
    * Prevent-Friendly-Fire option for PvE servers
    * Do a Barrell Roll!
    * Shooting arrows/projectiles at unconscious tiny dinos now actually hits them properly
    * Fixed aiming of character weapon shooting when carried by a Flyer (previously was very difficult to hit stuff due to a bug)
    * Added server option to disable "Friendly Fire" (among tribesmates/tribesdinos/tribesstructures) on PvE
    * Whistles and other attached sounds now play properly when riding dinos
    * Emotes now work properly when riding dinos
    * Fixed another exploit involving players getting under the terrain, and if you do get under the terrain somehow you will be teleported back above it.
    * You can now attach electric generators to electric cables after placing cables, they will snap accordingly
    * Fixed an exploit where filled water containers could be used forever in recipes that require a filled water container
    * Fixed an exploit where you could fill water canteens/jars up fully at a watertank even if you did not have enough water to do so (essentially allowing you to infinitely generate water).
    * Fixed issues where you could erroneously create floating structures using fence foundations + pillars
    * The destruction time of eggs on the ground is now the same for all eggs, 30 min
    * Radio Engram exists again

    Current Version: v202.2
    * Putting Canteens/Waterskins into taps connected directly to intakes now properly refills them, doesn't break them anymore. Sorry about that!
    * Total Conversions are now listed at the bottom of the sessions list when not in a TC
    * Failure to join a TC (such as SotF) no longer results in two overlapping popups
    * Fixed a crash that some singleplayers were getting after a load
    * Fixed another game-load crash case (associated with some Doedicurus functionality)

    seit heute haben wir Probleme mit unseren Backups. Das erstellen und auch wiederherstellen der Backups (ca 1.35gb) dauert bis zu 15 Minuten, was sonst in 1 Minute durch war. Gibt es dort zur zeit Probleme?

    ich hab jetzt vor einigen minuten unseren server geupdated. sollte eigentlich update 201.2 + 201.3 gewesen sein.
    aber im ingame server browser wird der server immer noch als 201.1 angezeigt.
    auf welcher version läuft er denn jetzt?

    weil sie es vielleicht noch nicht haben oder es probleme wegen der falschen versionsnr gibt. wir werden es ja bestimmt gleich sehen und ausserdem hat g-portal die updates meistens sehr schnell vorliegen

    wie jetzt zb mein server update läuft gerade :P

    Current Version: v200.2
    * "Survival of the Fittest" Officials are now difficulty 1.0, not 4.0 -- haha ;)
    * You no longer lose your character visual customization if you reconnect -- ouch now we need some "Plastic Surgeon" capability to help anyone who lose their beautiful distinct looks! Admins will get that this weekend, and on Official we'll handle it with our admins for anyone who was affected in this round.
    * Tranq arrows no longer have a torpidity multiplier of 2000 -- d'oh internal testing value!
    * Fixed bug where u could use a timing exploit to fire rockets without consuming ammo! Thank you Steam User "Kiwi"!!! :)
    * Doubling the number of official SotF servers
    * Approx 2 hour rollback since we did a hard-exit of the servers with no warning when we noticed the appearance-smooshing bug, don't wanna leave anyone hanging in a bad spot.
    * In-Progress SotF sessions are currently hidden from the session list until we have better booting notification for being unable to join them (Depending on the server configuration). You can still rejoin in-progress SotF sessions from your "My Survivors" tab, or directly via the Steam Client.…ons/0/530649887205025560/

    A notice to all server hosts! - v200 / v200.1
    Hey there server hosts! If you're out there and haven't updated, to v200 yet, we'll have a v200.1 you should wait for coming up shortly!

    We found a funny issue where players can end up losing their custom character appearance when re-logging into a server, and v200.1 will fix that issue!

    So you might want to wait a few before updating, so your players don't lose their appearances!

    Thanks a bunch!

    - The Right Hand

    Current Version: v200.0
    * "Survival of the Fittest" and "Total Conversion" Support, finally! Here are instructions on how to host your own SotF server, and the various new INI/commandline values:…ns/10/530649887204866610/
    (the process will get much simlpler with the introduction of the ARK Server Management Tool, later tonight!)
    * Re-Fertilizer now acts upon an area, not on a single foliage
    * Warning time on turrets is no longer used when targeting grenades/rockets
    * Supply Crates that don't move and have no loot (due to no items generated) no longer appear on primitive servers, etc
    * Fixed a bug where getting picked-up while climbing a ladder would teleport you when dropped
    * Fixed Preverving Bin bug with consuming items and not giving you jerky
    * Super ARK Server Management Tool! manage all your mods visually, install new mods and total conversions, update mods, manage all server settings visually, connect to RCON, and soon enough do this all remotely! - Upload and Instructions for this new tool coming shortly.

    Current Version: v196.0
    * Added "Re-Fertilizer" item craftable at the Compost Bin which can be used over ground to re-grow depleted foliage over time even if it's close to structures (avoids the structure distance check, though wont' regrow if it's stuck 'within' a structure).

    * Added adjustable "Tethering" distance for non-dedicated multiplayer sessions (maximum distance from Host player), adjustable in the Host UI

    * Alpha predators damage vs Stone structures reduced by 80%
    * Alpha predators now tend to only appear inland / in mountainous regions
    * Alpha predators natural targeting range reduced by 40%, easier to deliberately avoid or escape from.
    * Alpha predators now ALWAYS Survivor drop inventories when killed. (i.e. Carno and Rex)

    * Added option to disable specific Alpha predators ("NPC Replacements") on custom servers. This can also be used to disable any specific NPC, or replace the spawns of a particular NPC with that of a different NPC.


    * Custom servers can now specify "ResourceNoReplenishRadiusStructures" & "ResourceNoReplenishRadiusPlayers" multipliers, if they wish to allow resources to regrow closer or farther away from players & structures.


    * Auto Turrets now target & shoot down enemy grenades AND rockets -- ooo yeah :)
    (and any bullet weapon can shoot grenades & rockets to explode them now ;)
    * Replacing Structures doesn't do obstruction checks anymore (no more failures to replace)

    * PvP servers have an optional +1 minute additonal respawn that doubles each time if you are killed by a team within 5 minutes of your previous death to that team (timer indicated on Spawn UI). Is enabled in pvp by default, and on all the official pvp servers. Helps prevent PvO ammo-wasting of auto turrets by repeatedly throwing sacrificial players at them.

    bIncreasePvPRespawnInterval = true;

    * Only melee damage onto spikewalls causes return-damage now (i.e. shooting spikewall with rocket launcher won't hurt you anymore)
    * Spectators are no longer booted after idle period, and enabling spectator after death now clears death postprocess effects, and spectating after death gets proper view-location networking now
    * Alpha Predator buffs are now cleared upon Alpha Predator death
    * Added admin command to force-join a tribe by looking at anything the tribe owns, and force-promote yourself in a tribe, and take over founder role of a tribe

    cheat ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe PlayerID (0 for you)
    (that will put you/playerID into the tribe of whatever you're pointing at, if it's a tribe structure/character)
    cheat MakeTribeAdmin
    cheat MakeTribeFounder
    cheat RemoveTribeAdmin

    * Improved server perf, and fixed some server crash cases
    * Admin-Only-Access doors (and their doorframes) can no longer be demolished or Replaced by non-Admin tribe members regardless of Governance settings

    * Server INI's option to switch from PvE to PvP mode at pre-specified in-game times OR a pre-specified real-world (server-side) times!

    bAutoPvEUseSystemTime=true or false
    AutoPvEStartTimeSeconds=0 to 86400
    AutoPvEStopTimeSeconds=0 to 86400

    if you don't usesystemtime, it'll use the in-game world time
    otherwise it'll use the computer's time.
    you can make start time > or < than stop time, dpeending n what you want to do
    for example, pve starttime of 2:00 and stoptime 23:00 (convereted into seconds of course)
    would have pve exist from 2am to 11pm
    whereas pve starttime of 23:00 and stoptime of 2:00 would have pve exist only from 11pm to 2am (and thusly, pvp from 2am to 11pm)
    also if you have bAutoPveTimer set to true, you can see the current
    in the Player hud with H it'll say it next to the current time.