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    diesmal ist er ja nur knapp 590mb^^ . hoffe trotzdem das alles klappt

    Current Version: v190.0
    * Increased Max Player level to 74, and Max Dino level to 50
    * Added new music to character creation UI
    * Fixed some missing FPV melee animation hit notifications, fixed damage type on slingshot melee (was applying too much torpor)
    * Raised minimum wooden bow damage for shortest-pulled arrows to 50%, up from 25%
    * Added Dino Hurt-Damage Blood overlay (various dinos get bloodier as they take more damage to help visually indicate their health)
    * Tribes have a new governance option as to whether only Admins can Unclaim Tribe Dinos
    * Tribe name uniqueness on a server is now enforced (going forwards)
    * +75% stone harvesting from stone sources
    * Stackable Mod support! (works with all existing mods too! and you can use Mods on custom maps now)
    * Compound Bow & Armor-and-Hide Piercing Metal Arrows
    * Linux Controller Support (Mac coming soon!): for your Steam Controllers! What's that you say? You don't have a Steam Controller yet?! Oh ok, it'll also work with regular controllers ;)
    * Increase to 4.0 Difficulty on Official Server Network (and increase of difficulty cap to 4.0)
    * Fixed Dinos (Scorp, Anky, etc) getting stuck on Server when swimming and attacking (rubber banding)
    * Finally bonus items on respawn ;)
    * Fixed some minor exploits
    * Better mod features to add engrams to structures and remap items
    * Added Mate-Boosted icon

    Nun ja, Einsicht ist ja schön und gut, nur das ihr fast 7 Stunden braucht um zu merken das die Leute "etwas ungehalten" sind und darauf reagiert ist mir mehr als unverständlich.Auch das man für ne Zeitgutschrift ein >>extra Ticket<< aufmachen muss ist für mich nicht nachvollziehbar. Ist doch nicht unsere Schuld, da sollte eigentlich generell UNGEFRAGT für ALLE ne Gutschrift erfolgen, ohne das man sich die Arbeit machen muss ein Ticket zu öffnen.

    zu 1: Glaubst du nicht das G-Portal im moment ganz andere Dinge zu tun hat als hier jede Stunde wie ja gefordert wurde ne Statusmeldung ins Forum zu posten? Vor allem weil die wenigsten Serveradmins der fast 1200 ARK Server hier jemals ins Forum schauen werden. Die meisten geben sich eben mit der Popup Meldung im Server Dashboard zufrieden.

    zu 2: Klar ist es sinnvoll für Gutschriften ein Ticket zu schreiben, du glaubst doch wohl nicht das ein Admin einfach so entscheiden kann ob und wieviel Gutschrift es geben wird. Die werden wohl erstmal bis Montag gesammelt und dann dem entsprechenden Vorgesetzten vorgelegt.

    Naja G-Portal zeigts zumindest noch nicht an.

    -Patch Notes- Current (v189.0)

    * New Creature: Meganeura (Dragonfly)
    * New Structure: Dino Feeding Trough!
    * More loading speed improvements: 60%+ on the maps and in-game streaming speed (this involved reformatting how much of the game-content data was packed, hence the ~2GB update!)
    * Server Admins now have a command "ServerChatToPlayer" to send direct chat messages to playername, rather than steamid (use "ServerChatTo" to send to steamid)

    * Custom servers INI can now scale globally the spoiling times of perishables, as well as scale the global decomposition time of items and bodies on the ground, respectively. Set these to larger than 0 values, in your server's Game.ini :


    * Custom servers INI can now scale on a per-resource type basis the amount of resources harvested. In your server's Game.ini, for example:


    * Custom servers INI can now override the Max XP cap of players & dino characters, respectively. Set these to larger than 0 values, in your server's Game.ini :


    * Bonus Items are now properly given upon respawn again (a bug was causing them to only be given when you examined an Obelisk Terminal Inventory).
    * Fixed a bug with the Flying Titanomyrma that was causing them to be very difficult to hit
    * Linux Dedi Server should now be able to load Mods without crashing :)
    * Dimorphodons don't lay Pteranodon eggs anymore
    * Non-Dedi Multiplayer Sessions always has player list visible in Pause menu
    * Non-Dedi Multiplayer Sessions always displays Player Join & Leave messages
    * Turret now uses correct weak-metal structure damgetype (was using wood structure type by accident)

    Current Version: v188.0
    * New Structure: "Single Panel Flag" which is a simple flag that has one solid panel canvas, handy for custom painting onto.
    * Massive performance improvement to structural integrity calculation (namely, less lag/stalls on the server when destroying/replacing pieces of large connected structures)
    * Bronto now likes a certain Kibble ;)
    * Eggs are about 50% more common to find
    * Eggs now last for 30 min on ground (prev was 20 min)
    * Ant (Titanomyrma) will not follow you into Water anymore. Land insects don't like water ;)
    * Fixed a bug with structure limits (PhysX overlap limit was being exceeded), and reset the default value to 6000 (should cover even the biggest current bases that we've seen on Official Servers). The new configurable/commandline value is: NewMaxStructuresInRange=6000
    * Swimming backwards on a dino no longer desyncs with the server
    * Tamed Scorp shouldn't drown anymore. In fact various tamed dinos that were not swimming to the surface should now try to stay on the surface when not being ridden.
    * Fixed pop-in of underwater cave meshes
    * Per-Pixel Sign painting, with real-time multiplayer simultaneous painting: please don't draw offensive things! <3
    Like so:

    Luv u Garry! <3
    Von der Community erstelltes Artwork zu ARK: Survival Evolved
    Von: Drake
    Real-time simultaneous per-pixel painting in ARK ;)
    * Electronic Animal Trackers: track your dinos, track wild dinos, track enemy dinos (or players), put on one yourself and don't lose your corpse!! <ShamWow!>
    * Throwable Torches
    * Mac & Linux Controller Support: for your Steam Controllers! What's that you say? You don't have a Steam Controller yet?! Oh ok, it'll also work with regular controllers ;)
    *Non-Dedicated Host Session: for small groups to play cooperatively -- you use singleplayer saves with this mode, seamlessly!

    Wir hatten gegen 12 Uhr einen nicht geplanten Server restart oder Absturz, wodurch teilweise Spieler mit ihren Dinos gestorben waren. Warum gibt es eigentlich keine Log Files die man über FTP auslesen kann?

    Current Version: v187
    * Titanomyrmas: designed to ruin your sunday picnics!
    * Dimorphodons: designed to harass other dino riders!
    * Crossbow: use underwater to ping sharks from a distance!
    * Machined Shotgun: less powerful than primtiive, but more shots before reload and tighter spread!
    * Redesigned the look of the Stone Tier to look much nicer
    * Double the number of dyes. You want Pink? You got Pink!
    * You can no longer level up sleeping allies (so mean)
    * Approximate +25% Dedicated Server performance gain... PHYSX rewrite!!!!! >:-P -- and nice client performance gain in dense cities as well!
    * Keypads now work in densely packed bases (was a "too-many-overlaps" issue)
    * Fix for Server memory leak
    * Fixed case of "invisible until you move" Structures on Client
    * Fixed losing Oxygen when swimming at water surface
    * You can unwire and rewrire placed traps -- while leaving them placed and remembering what they were wired to -- making it easier to leave your own base after setting traps up (we don't want to make traps completely ignore you when wired, however, to avoid the incentive to turn your base into a zone of infinite numbers of traps)
    * Scorpions/Carrion eaters will now prefer to eat spoiled meat rather than raw meat after being Tamed
    * The massive spam of "item removed etc" notification texts when viewing a dino's inventory is now fixed
    * Stimberry consumption now reduces Food on Tamed dinos
    * You can no longer build for 30 seconds in the immediate damage radius where a structure has been destroyed by an enemy team (helps sieges play out more naturally)
    * There's now an "attack that" whistle which will send all dinos in a nearby radius to attack the specific target you're pointing at -- this works very nicely with the Spyglass :)
    * In PvP, structures within caves/cave-entrances now take 6x damage (server modifiable setting)


    * Auto Turrets track about 3x as fast, to be more effective
    * Only Female Dinos lay eggs now -- it had to happen ;)
    * Fixed Saber gender bits -- heh, "fixed"
    * Industrial Grill now consumes gas properly, and has more-final model
    * You can now drink by pressing E when just standing in water, if there's nothing else to activate. You don't have to be immersed anymore.
    * You can now light standing torches in shallow water
    * The approximate area of Spawn regions are now indicated when select a character spawn region
    * Increased max tripwire connection distance by 50%
    * Completely revamped stone structure visuals, for the better ;)

    * Custom servers can now specify whether they want downloadable individually: characters, items, dinos

    * Grenade damage is reduced by 33% generally and an additional 33% vs dinos (so about -45% in total vs dinos)
    * New Game.ini options:[/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]

    Defaults false. If true, any Engram not explicitly specified in the EngramsOverride list will be Hidden. Useful for maintaining primitive servers even as we add new Engrams in Updates.


    For example. Lets you specify an Engram by classname so that it's guaranteed to work even if Engram indices change in the future -- is guaranteed to be permanent. You can get all the classnames from the ARK Dev Kit.

    Upcoming Version: v186.0, STATUS: DEPLOYING!
    * Fixed the Enchanted Lake Of Wonders... well, the lake that was missing water physics, more specifically ;)

    YouTube™-Video: ARK - Underwater base with Air
    Aufrufe: 770
    This guys tribe attacked us earlier today and found his base under water and they had air. Pretty strong place that needs to get fixed.

    * You can now equip the Spyglass while riding on a dino. Note that doing so will always zoom-in with it (since we don't want to steal the Right Mouse Button input); simply unequip it to stop zooming.
    * Hopeful fix for players/dinos after load falling thru floors
    * Server Hosts can now configure per-DinoClass Wild & Tamed Health and Damage Multipliers in their INI (nerf those flyers in Primitive!), and these apply dynamically
    * Fixed water tank water not saving properly
    * Fixed tamed dino level bonuses not holding when taming across save games, and speed getting messed up, and Auto XP not applying
    * Fixed an infinite-oxygen-underwater exploit.
    * Fixed a case where by swimming at a certain angle you could almost completely avoid losing stamina
    * Attacking when in water while riding no longer causes a movement de-sync
    * Fixed amphibious stamina recovery while in water, now it's very fast as intended.
    * Dino Stats are now retained properly when uploading/downloading across maps
    * Fixed a bug where Wild Dinos were not naturally recovering their Torpor over time
    * Max Level increased by 4 for Players and Dinos
    * Configurable Low/Medium/Far Targeting & Wander Range for Pets
    * Omni Electric Lamp
    * Reinforced Ceiling-Door and Reinforced Window-Door
    * Industrial Multi-Grill!
    * Two new tripwire traps:audio alarm and gas bomb!
    * Audio-Alarm Away & Offline raiding notifications, Phase 1!
    * Eggs for all animals and circle-of-life 'Taming Efficiency' boosting per-dino Egg-Kibbles!
    * Customizable Bandwidth setting for players to choose a bandwidth appropriate to their own connection. Can further improve structure-streaming speed, if you have sufficient bandwidth to handle it as a client. (Can also eliminate any remaining DC's if you reduce it and you're on a lower bandwidth connection.)
    * Improved AMD Shadow flickering fix
    * Destroying a Behemoth Gate Frame will now also destroy the Behemoth Gate within it
    * Current Day # & Time is now displayed on the Spawn/Character Creation UI

    ARK Dev Kit Changes:
    * Mods can now add engrams and items without having to override the Master Item List or the Engram List -- they can simply Add Engrams using the "Additional Engrams" array, can also remap existing Engrams to new classes using the "Remap Engrams" array, and items don't have to be in the Master Item List to be used anymore -- if they're referenced, they just will naturally get used (and consequently, existing saved items in people's save files will not get messed up anymore!)
    * Mods that change the player class now still get armor attached properly

    Current Version: v186.1
    * You can place the Preserving Bin again :)
    * Allied Dinos are now immune to your Gas Traps
    * Made Eggs about 200% more likely to be found, and they now last for 8 days in regular inventory, rather than 2 -- store them in a Fridge to keep them nearly forever ;)
    * Rebalanced some taming speeds: Raw Prime Meat is 70% as fast as it was originally, and appropriate Kibble is now as fast as Raw Prime Meat originally was. (non-Prime meats are the same speed as originally, as is the non-nutritious Cooked Prime Meat)
    * Fixed a server inventory-related crash with the Multi-Grill
    * Disallowed engrams/items are now automatically destroyed on primitive servers (or any server which uses a custom item list), retroactively. Primitive Servers online again.
    * Updated & posted new Server Game.ini for Primitive Servers to correspond to new Engram layout. In the future, we will change this to name-based list rather than indexed list, so it will not become outdated again.

    Das Problem an dem Serverbrowser von ARK ist das dort meistens nur ca 60 Server angezeigt werden, aber über euren Servernamen in der Suche sollte er angezeigt werden. Ansonsten können eure Spieler über den link


    zb steam://connect/

    ohne Problem über normalen Browser joinen können.