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    I just create a simple app for Google Chrome that can use gportal website directly from app.

    1- Open google chrome and visit chrome://extensions/

    2-Drop the file app.crx and allow the install

    3-After install finish click on Details and create desktop icon for app :)



    ISP : Abcom Shpk
    City : Durres , Albania

    IP :


    Hello everybody, some members may know this already but i want to share it with others

    1-First need to have a CS:GO server on and go to My Servers

    2-Go to your Settings at your CS:GO server

    3- Now go to CONFIGURATION FILES and choise : csgo/cfg/server.cfg and then hit UPLOAD

    Add the following line

    sv_downloadurl "http://your ip address without port/csgo/" (exp
    sv_allowdownload 1
    sv_allowupload 1

    And after you SAVE the file restart your server from interface and all done :)

    All maps models are from your server files at home directory of the server, you can upload form FTP and will be on FastDL :thumbup: 

    To buy your CS:GO Server click here and get it for 5 min online

    Gerald Kacka :)

    Hi a have a suggestion for referral system it may be in your plan but its good for users , thats a refer user share their url with banner images that get on web and visitors who register with it url and buy product on and get paid or use it to buy on

    That's will be great for gamers forums and to be popluar much more