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    i have made my own map and it is live on the server, i didnt put the server IP, ports or that in so i would worry about that to much, seems to be done locally by Gportal.

    My uderstanding is that you need to asign thhe grid to be a spwan region,by makong it a home regionand then you can place as many island in that grid for them to be either freeports or lawless, i havent done a lot of testin with this.

    map change settings reset charcters and we cant do individual server settings. I have put ot to the Gportal devs maybe you could do the same ;)

    For my disco i did 100 xp for non quest items, and then scaled it for the power stone disco but not 100% sure how it effects max XP but i image it allows players to go past the cap set on the server.

    I made a Custom map cause i saw there was an option for custom map and thought this is a good way to resolve this. However i think becouse of some issue G-portal have been having this option is no longer there, but the solution is to make your own map and edit the opitions, I have been able to add the quests with all all bosses to 2x2 grid map with what as far as i can tell is every thing else included, but to make sure i will need to test it so hopefully this option returns so as i have told the community it is coming. if anyone has news on this it would be great.

    For the German speakers

    1. Ich habe eine benutzerdefinierte Karte erstellt, da ich sah, dass es eine Option für die benutzerdefinierte Karte gab, und dachte, dies sei ein guter Weg, um dieses Problem zu lösen. Ich denke jedoch, dass es wegen eines Problems, das G-Portal hatte, diese Option nicht mehr gibt, aber die Lösung ist, eine eigene Karte zu erstellen und die Optionen zu bearbeiten. Ich konnte die Quests mit allen Bossen zur 2x2-Raster-Karte hinzufügen Soweit ich das beurteilen kann, ist alles andere enthalten, aber um sicherzugehen, dass ich es testen muss, ist diese Option hoffentlich so, dass sie diese Option wiedergibt, so wie ich der Community gesagt habe, dass sie kommen wird. Wenn jemand Neuigkeiten darüber hat, wäre es großartig.

    I have 2x2 grid server, have only loaded one map. spent a good amount of time getting to grips with the game, however have not encountered, whales, Kraken or cyclops. So have been trying to find info if these are include on the maps on G-portal to much difficulty. Also would be good have some Information on the map they provide, so any recommendations and info would be great?