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    Rented a server for Mordhau yesterday so I could play with friends during the busy launch period. The server was not coming up on my list and the gportal UI has no join button so I was unable to access the server until it came up on a friends list where I luckily managed to join in the last slot before the rush.

    I have since learnt there's a command line to join your server but there's not any documentation on this that I can see.

    I was told it is "open [ip]" in the console.

    If anyone could clarify the command line here, I would much appreciate it as I haven't been able to try it yet.

    Secondly, when my server is full is there anyway to reserve my own slot or remove just one person? There's no player list or controls from the UI other than restart and change passwords. Do I really have to restart the server and interrupt 15 people's session by booting them back to menu? I don't want to ruin it for others just to get in my server.

    It feels terribly unsophisticated to me. Surely I am missing something. Does anyone have some resources/tips/command lines?


    (The game part of Mordhau is absolute gold, btw.)