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    I bought a physical copy of bf3 for my Xbox one. I installed it and the campaign works but the online doesn't. Whenever I select Multiplayer it just freezes every time. If I select My Soldier it does the same thing except the "loading" text appears and never goes away.

    I talked with someone at EA via their online chat and did about 10 troubleshooting tasks and none of them worked (reinstalling, clearing alternate mac address, clear persistent storage/cloud saves, etc.) Has anyone else had this issue? And any idea how to solve it?

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    Guten Abend

    Hallo erstmal. Ich heiße Christian:)

    Ich habe vor mir hier einen Inurgency Server zu mieten. Allerdings finde ich zu diesem Spiel keinen Beitrag in euerm Forum. Ich würde gerne einen coop-Server mit div Plugins betreiben hab aber von sowas nicht viel Ahnung und es wäre cool wenn sich jemand damit auskennt oder etwas hilfreiches zu lesen hat

    Gibt es Leute hier im Forum die aktiv einen Insurgency Server betreiben und

    warum gibt es so wenig Informationen? Mobdro

    I plan to buy a computer in February and I wonder how important is CPU in CS GO? I consider three options: Ryzen 5 1600 AF 12nm, Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 5 3600. I chose GTX 1660 Super as my GPU, I guess its best pick in my budget but I don't know what CPU should I choose. Maybe someone has one of these CPU and play CS GO and can tell me If there is a huge difference in fps between these CPUs? fetlife vshare

    Right now Studio, Breach and Mirage are available in the Scrimmage Mode. But if you could pick any 3 Maps to be featured instead, which ones would you choose?

    In my opinion, these 3 would make good additions:

    Austria since it's simple, fast paced and always fun

    Insertion because its open, non-linear design feels very unique and interesting

    Season would also be a nice, competetive addition (instead of having Mirage twice). It just looks and plays great.

    What would your picks be?

    Don't really know anywhere else to post this so if it's not the right place just remove the post :)

    Recently I made another steam account so I could play coop missions (yes I'm lonely boy I know) so I was wondering if it's allowed to queue with my main account with the other account for wingman. I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed but I would rather be on the safe side :D

    Anyways I appreciate any answer :)

    Do you use any self imposed (or group imposed) rule sets? The squad and I were just discussing an MVP for each horde. We will make a Wall of Fame and the MVP gets their name on the wall, plus one item slot from God Mode. No voting for yourself and it has to be a majority vote. The tie breaker is collective zombie kills.

    For reference, our hordes are 20 days apart (with a 3 day variant and no warning), so they’re not very frequent.

    I thought it was a fun incentive for the end of times. Do you guys do anything similar or have any rules you use?

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    So in the middle of the game, my interaction button, triangle, stopped working. I can do some things like picking up chrysantheum and opening doors and stuff. But not some other things like opening chests or searching zombie remains. This is not the forst time, and it seems to happen when i'm a guest in someone's game.

    So my question is obvious: how do i solve this?

    So I just dealt with my first village raid, (I try not to play survival world's that have villages near spawn or really anywhere near where I build for the challenge) and I was able to kill almost all of the pillagers except 1. I couldn't find him but when I did, all of my village was dead so that sucked. I didn't know but I kinda guessed there is no way to repopulate a village besides curing zombie villagers?tweakbox appvalley

    It is completely unreasonable to allow all of the SCUM servers to be hosted by one company! With G-Portal's datacenter suffering damage to their cooling system, it highlights a significant problem with the current arrangement. A huge amount of SCUM servers are offline because the devs haven't released the server files. Even the DayZ devs have released their server files and their game is more bug ridden and nowhere near as feature-rich as SCUM.

    Come on devs, let this G-Portal downtime be the catalyst that causes the server files to be released for all to host! Mobdro

    I'm looking into renting an Ark PS4 Server for my friend and I. We were previously using a server we found on here, but it has since been deleted.

    From what I saw online, G Portal seems to be one of the more favorable choices. I was wondering if anyone that uses or has used G Portal could tell me what they think of it, or if anyone had any other provider suggestions. Thanks! Mobdro

    Hello everybody,

    I recently started playing Minecraft on some community server. Practically never played Minecraft before properly. I must say I love Thaumcraft and piping system for essentia. I built something people are calling "bufferchain". I have one Alembiq with pipe in to set of buffers and each buffer have 3 jars of specific essentia. After that I have some more pipes with some Thaumatoriums and more jars to store essentia for those Thaumatorium machines followed by void jars to filter primal essentia and final part of chain is set of three centrifuges.

    In the end, the idea was that I will have some farms, those would be pumping material to the forge and through alembiq to chain. One of Thaumatorium with Infernal Forge will create Alumentum to fuel it.

    But when I pump 4 or more stacks of Wheat into it, it starts to be jammed at some point because buffers and centrifuges are too filled with essentia of different kind.

    I was thinking about making set of crystalizers to support the chain but did not found something like check for the system being jammed.

    You people here play this mode immensely more time than me and I wouldlike to stay on essentia pipes and not going with golem sorting.

    Can I ask you for help with that jamming and some work aro

    und for it?

    Thank you kindly.