Las tribus claman en "Soulmask" Background

Las tribus claman en "Soulmask"

3 de junio de 2024
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En un mundo primitivo y despiadado, tribus ancestrales luchan por la supremacía y la supervivencia. En "Soulmask", el último juego de supervivencia tipo sandbox, tomas el papel de un guerrero que se propone convertirse en jefe de su tribu.

A dangerous world

"Soulmask" aims to freshen up the survival genre with realistic gameplay and throws you into a harsh, ancient world in which you have to compete against prehistoric creatures as well as other tribes.

Recruit and manage your tribe members and find out what the mysterious masks are all about and what power they conceal.

Be one of up to 50 players on a server and create a powerful empire. Choose from 8 weapon types and well over 50 combat skills to triumph over your opponents.

The "Soulmask" Early Access release offers:

  • You are the "last survivor" of a tribe blessed with the mysterious mask
  • A more realistic gaming experience and gameplay
  • Fight prehistoric creatures
  • Discover the powers of the mysterious masks
  • Recruit and manage tribe members (patrols, cultivate fields and more)
  • Choose from 8 weapon types and 58 combat skills
  • Face off against other players in PvP
  • Master and use the realistic physics system
  • Play online with up to 50 players

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