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GPORTAL has been in the private server–hosting business for more than 15 years, and during this time — as you can imagine — we have seen it all! We have worked with numerous studios and every game engine out there; our experience is second to none. This business portal is dedicated to both you (the developer) and studios, where we share with you our knowledge of the industry. It is where you can read about our great services, why private servers should be part of every multiplayer game, how private servers continue to mould the industry and how to succeed in an ever-increasing saturated market. Learn how to stand out, learn where others have gone wrong — and learn from the best.

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"Private servers don’t cost studios money; they save money - in fact they can actually make money”

Roberto Omezzolli GPORTAL CEO

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Keep Calm – Mixer is DEAD nothing has changed

If you’ve read the article about our influencers (link) you’ll know that we have 500 partnered influencers with a combined audience of 10 million viewers. And if you’re up to date with tech news, you might know that Microsoft announced on Twitter that they were closing down Mixer. Mixer is a streaming platform that was supposed to rival Twitch. Whilst many streamers will be migrated over to Facebook Gaming, a lot of the larger streamers have made or are making the move to Twitch. Our partnered influencer managers have put […]

Damian Reed
24. June 2020
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devcom 2020

GPORTAL are going to devcom! That’s right, this year GPORTAL will be attending devcom and things look a little different in 2020. We all know the implications of Covid-19 and the impact it’s had around the world to various industries, and whilst the gaming industry has thrived – every single physical tech show has been cancelled. Some have drawn a line under this year, and others have gone down the digital route; that’s where devcom have chosen to go. devcom has changed their approach, typically devcom in its physical form […]

Damian Reed
10. June 2020
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Free Servers!!!

Come and get them, we are offering free servers At GPORTAL, we want to stand apart from our competitors and so we decided to offer free servers to any game studio who wants them. We will happily provide free servers for testing – so that your can see for yourself how good our Intel Dell OEM bespoke just-for-gaming servers are. Read here to find out more information about our servers Once you are happy with our server performance and comfortable with our control panel, we can then start to implement […]

Damian Reed
8. June 2020
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Case Study

DDoS Protection

Our three lines of defence Over the past 17 years we have deployed a self-owned low-latency network inside our datacentre creating the best DDoS Protection for our Customers. It has been so successful that Corero our DDoS Appliance vendor created a representative Case Study together with us, for the whole gaming industry. We are able to create individual rules, filters, and patterns for every single service we provide and we are adding many more every day. Our NOC reviews in detail every single attack and checks in-game if there […]

Damian Reed
20. April 2020
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