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Latest Articles


Think piece: Let modders shape your game

“Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take.” Maybe it was this quote by Christopher Reeves that the Barotrauma team took to heart during the development of their unique submarine survival adventure. Otherwise it would be difficult to explain why the team decided to release the full source code even before...


From Pong to Ping: Modding Times

Welcome back to our ongoing series in which we shine a light on different aspects of the video game history and the impacts they had on game hosting services, as thoroughly explained in our last article. This time we’re speaking about modifications. This topic is rather big and needs some background information but we’ll focus...


Think piece: Is survival possible without dedicated servers?

Survival games tend to magnetically attract lots of players. They usually include open-ended gameplay but more than often choose to offer a story that can be completed alone or with a group of friends. There seems to be a special charm in the fight against hunger, thirst and the elements themselves, not to mention either...


From Pong to Ping: 20 years online

Welcome to our second part of “From Pong to Ping”. In this series we’re going to look at the evolution of hosted gaming from different angles, through the eyes of a game hoster with twenty years of experience. We aim to provide information and trivia from the past but also speak about the impact that...


Think piece: Multiplayer should be your new standard

It only took a week before Hogwarts Legacy, the excitingly anticipated role playing game that allows players to experience the magical world of Harry Potter on their own, made headlines with rather unexpected news. A video shows not one but two different students running through the magic academy’s corridors which doesn’t sound too special until...


From Pong to Ping: A Retrospective

37.000. This number reflects how many private G-Portal servers the multiplayer hit “V Rising” needed at its peak to fulfill the ever increasing demands of its players and proves that it was one of the most popular games of 2022. Not only was it unique in its settings and a high quality product but the...


Official Host of Tinkertown

Headup Games were established in 2009, developing on all major platforms such as mobile devices, console, and PC – serving 80 million players on mobile and several million players on console and PC. The team were awarded “Best Publisher” at the German Developer Awards in 2012, 2013, 2017 and 2019. Tinkertown is a refreshing new multiplayer...


The Cost of Success

Industry professionals who have worked, or currently work for an independent game studio, will know the daunting prospect of multiplayer games and cost. Established game studios can generate revenue through sales, right at launch, or even before; whilst independent studios don’t have this initial injection of cash, they need to generate this over time. The...


All Aboard the Battlefield 2042 Hype Train!

More people are playing Battlefield 4 now, than they have for an exceptionally long time. Last week EA announced their trailer for Battlefield 2042. Since then, the number of players has skyrocketed on Battlefield 4 servers – only a few months ago the peak number of players was 2717 and over the weekend the number...


Within a day all private game servers were sold out

How GPORTAL managed the Valheim boom. We discuss how we overcame the overwhelming demand for Iron Gate Studios hit game. Much can be said about Valheim and the success that Iron Gate has had with this open world, Viking-styled survival game. Over recent months there have been countless articles discussing why this game has had...

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