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Atlas server hosting

  • 10+ slots
  • You are buying an Atlas Cluster, that has a minimum of one master server
  • The amount of possible expansion servers depends on the slot amount of the cluster
  • Each server unlocks one part of the map. For a 2x2 map 4 servers are needed.
  • Gamecloud - Gameswitching inclusive
  • Live Support via phone, ticket and forum
  • DDoS protection by Corero
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Buy Atlas server

Studio Wildcard is sailing to new lands

The pirate MMO Atlas is about to be released. You and your friends can visit a huge island full of things to discover. Quests and epic fights are very diversified and thrilling. Pre-Order your GPORTAL server today! The date for the private server release is yet to be determined. With the new Ark Cluster technology it is possible to rent a master server with up to 15 expansion servers to increase the map size. When you add expansion servers the slots amounts will be spread evenly among the servers.

Sail around the world and face the dangers

You can build your own ships and individualize them how you like them. Ships need a crew, so hire either your friends or useful NPCs to help you face the rough sea and the dangers that wait in it like sea monsters or other players. On your own GPORTAL server you can face every threat and be victorious.

The top notch MMO?

You can individually skill your character as you like it or as your crew needs it. Also, it is possible to build your own worlds with the Atlas DevKit the developers publish upon release.

Rent your own Atlas Cluster today

Choose the slot amount and the time (30, 90 or maybe 180 days?), charge your account credit and rent your Atlas cluster to start playing upon game release. No contracts or subscriptions, everything is prepaid.


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580 reviews