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Avorion server hosting

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  • Managing servers simply with the website
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  • Official Avorion Serverhost
  • Gamecloud - inclusive Gameswitching
  • Live Support via Telephone, Ticket, Forum and E-Mail
  • Payments: Paypal, Paysafecard, Immediate Transfer, Credit Card
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Avorion - immediately online, preinstalled, no subscription contract!

Behind the new Steam Early-Access Titel Avorion you can find the German Startup Gamestudio Boxelware with the founders Konstantin Kronfeldner aka koonschi and Philipp Erhardt aka qui_sum, as well as their Composer Hannes Kretzer. Avorion combines classic sandbox elements, such as freely scaleable block elements with an exciting story, the players can make possible not only big Multiplayer battles, but also the co-op mode. The flexible building makes it possible to design and equip the spectacular spacecrafts or the whole port facilities. The Avorion Server proposes innately in his previous version the highest content variety, which will bind the player for weeks.

Avorion, space pirate or retail giant.

The Avorion Server generates always the dynamic areas of galaxies, so that detailed and authentic universe arises and beguiles quickly the player. There are outposts, trading posts, a variety of NPCs, dynamic events, such as asteroids fields or dangerous space pirates. The player can assume different roles on his own Avorion Server of G-Portal, build huge trading posts, exploit the resources, hunt pirates and annihilate the opponents. Due to individualisation in construction of battleships the space battles will be incredibly exciting on the Avorion Server. Avorion proposes the Mod-System, it makes it possible for the Community to develop the additional contents, one may be eager to see, how the Avorion develops in the foreseeable future.

Rent Avorion Server - in the Gamecloud!

Avorion Servers have the place for 10 - 70 players, so to rent from now an Avorion Server. Prepaid and in the Gamecloud, immediately online and payable via Paypal, Paysafecard, immediate transfer or credit card. For users from the Netherlands or Poland we offer the Avorion Server also payable via Online-Dienste iDeal and przelewy24. It means no subscription contract, no waiting time and switchable any time between the different players of Gportal Gamecloud. You don't want to play on Avorion? You can use the slots for the Conan Exiles Server or ARK Server and if you would like to have Avorion Server the next weekend, switch back simply. Full flexibility and immediately online, this are the Avorion Servers on in the Gamecloud.


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