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Heat server hosting

  • 32 player
  • DDos-Protection
  • Serveradministration in our webinterface
  • Support via Forum and Ticket
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Heat - the multiplayer experience in the 19th century

The creators of Reign of Kings are sending you into the wild west with Heat. Your job is to survive, build an existence, and protect yourself. Invite your friends to your GPORTAL server, found a guild and fight for survival.

The game principle

In Heat you have every opportunity. Team up with fellow players to build a city, build a city, become president and / or start your own family. This family can also help you in combat. You can raise your children in the game, learn skills or even train to fight. You have no limits in this game. You are an admin on your GPORTAL server and set the rules.

Crafting and Farming

In order to keep your guild alive, you can build a base from countless items and protect yourself against enemies or even wild animals. With the help of the ingenious crafting system you will have a lot of fun building. Even hobby gardeners get their money. Build your own food and refine it in elaborate recipes.

Get your own server from GPORTAL

Choose the number of slots and the rental period (30 days, 90 days or 365 days), upload your GPORTAL account (Paysafecard, Paypal or credit card), get your server and enter the wild world of Heat. 100% prepaid, 0% contract and fully flexible in slots and terms. Start your city, and invite your friends to your server.


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