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Portal Knights Server hosting

  • 4 players, co-op
  • official Portal Knights server
  • full FTP- and web-interface access
  • DDoS protection by Corero
  • Live support via telephone, ticket, forum, wiki and e-mail
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Rent fast Portal Knights servers

Portal Knights - the new co-op action RPG from Keen Games

Go into unknown portals and fight your way through random sandbox-style 3D worlds. Team up with your friends to face fearsome monsters, deal with NPCs and fight epic bossfights. Can you defeat them and collect the epic loot? Try it, on your server from GPORTAL.

Interesting crafting system and continuous improvements of your avatar

You are not tied to a weapon. Craft and master weapons with countless materials. Fights with typical RPG classes like the warrior, magician or ranger. Each class has its own abilities and can access strong abilities at higher levels. Choose your class and start fighting on your own GPORTAL server.

Awesome sandbox-elements - live out your creativity

Every adventurer needs a place to rest. In Portal Knights you can even build your own house. Place your trophies, collect resources and craft your own furniture. So you do not live there alone, invite your friends to your GPORTAL server or just adopt a pet.

Rent Portal Knights server at GPORTAL

Rent your own server at GPORTAL today. Meet up with your friends and start your adventure. Our servers are 100% prepaid. You deposit money, choose the period (3, 30 or 90 days) and then activate your server directly yourself. GPORTAL relies on modern serversystems with highest single-core performance.


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