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Rent a Hell Let Loose Server

  • Available with 64, 82 and 100 slots
  • Direct availability
  • Easy administration via the web interface
  • RCON Access
  • 100% DDoS protection
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Hell Let Loose Server Rent

Open & realistic battles in World War II

Fight on the battlefields of the Second World War with up to 100 other players. Take out your enemies as an infantry soldier, in a tank or by artillery. Hell Let Loose is a realistic shooter in World War II - not only fighting is important here, but also the supply chains to the front line. This will make you part of a huge force and every single player decides about victory or defeat.

Dynamic front line with complex metagame

The frontline in Hell Let Loose is changing dynamically. There is no battle like another and you are challenged every time. In 50 vs. 50 multiplayer battles, you'll play on huge maps. You choose from one of 12 roles, each equipped with different weapons, vehicles and equipment. Hell Let Loose focuses on team play. Communication is a major tool if you want to be victorious on the battlefield. You decide in your squad which supplies are requested and where on the map they should be delivered.

Be a Commander or soldier on your own GPORTAL game server

As commander you determine the troop movements of the soldiers. On a GPORTAL game server you get full control even beyond the game. You get our top hardware that is currently available on the market. You can buy your own Hell Let Loose server immediately, prepaid and in the gamecloud. You can choose the number of slots and the duration yourself. You do not enter into a contract and if you want to play another game, you can switch between various games thanks to our Gamecloud. You have the full flexibility and if you have any questions about settings or problems setting up your game, our support team will be happy to help you. These are just a few of the advantages of the GPORTAL Game Cloud.


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