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Rent your own Staxel Server

  • 4-20 players
  • official multiplayer server
  • full FTP- and webinterface-access
  • Live support via telephone, ticketystem, forum, wikipedia-entries and E-Mail
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Staxel - the new Multiplayer-Farming-Game from Plukit

If you mix Minecraft, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, this would be a great game. Here you have it: Staxel. You want to be an elf or an human? You want to have red, blue or even pink hair? No problem! You can personalize your avatar with many options. On your GPORTAL-server you can build and craft anything.

Run your own little farm

Once you played the tutorial, the first npc will guide you to your own, new home. You can rebuild everything. The world is built up like minecraft, so your fanatsy doesn't need to have limits. Farming vegetables and fruits is too boring? Just buy some animals and care for them. Your farm will grow, you will earn money to buy some awesome, new stuff.

Enoy the village life

If you enter the village you will get to know nice NPCs with various needs, quests and actions. You can make friends on your own GPORTAL Staxel server with nearly anybody. Help the village to grow and unlock new content. There are many merchants, which sell you seeds, materials, food for your animals and yourself.


4.6 / 5
614 reviews