7 Days to Die 1.0: not much longer! Background

7 Days to Die 1.0: not much longer!

May 14, 2024
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Is it really what we think it is? Yes ... drum roll ... it really is the 7 Days to Die 1.0 version! After more than a decade of waiting, not only the many die-hard fans of the survival zombie game are happy to see the game leave Early Access, we are also happy to give you all the information about the 7 Days to Die 1.0 version so far.

When will 7 Days to Die leave Early Access and what will follow?

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to give an exact date for the launch of the 7 Days to Die 1.0 version, but the month has already been set for June. So it won't be long before we can finally throw ourselves at the zombie hordes again, indiscriminately and in new splendor.

The developers have also created a clear roadmap for the time after the launch of the 1.0 version, which is intended to reveal what is still to come in the near future. However, the developers themselves say that after the release of the 7 Days to Die 1.0 version, they will first have to see whether the roadmap needs to be adjusted again in individual cases, but we can still look forward to the numerous new features, even if a slightly adjusted time frame might be set. But that would also be perfectly fine, because not only The Fun Pimps have their demands on 7 Days to Die, of course, we as gamers would also like to see more time put into further development rather than the developers being pushed for deadlines.


Are there any changes and what about consoles?

Probably the biggest change will be the price of 7 Days to Die. As soon as the full version is available on Steam, the price will be increased to $44.99. This may sound like quite an increase at first, but the work of The Fun Pimps has changed 7 Days to Die immeasurably over the last few years and PC players who already own the game will not have to buy it again.

Directly for the full release of the 7 Days to Die 1.0 version, there are some changes such as:

  • you'll find new animals and remade vehicle assets
  • there is a new gore system (decomposition) for zombies and a greater variety of zombies
  • there is also a new challenge system
  • other smaller innovations such as new road decals and revised graphics and much more

If you are more of a console gamer, you will unfortunately have to wait a little longer, as the console version will only be released a few weeks later, in July according to the current roadmap. Another piece of good news: Crossplay should already work between the different platforms, but is not expected to arrive until Q4 of this year with an update. If you still own the “old” version of 7 Days to Die for the console, you can continue to play and use it, but you will no longer be able to buy it from the launch of the new 1.0 version and it will also be completely removed from all stores. So if you want to play the full version of 7 Days to Die, you will have to buy the game again. However, The Fun Pimps are currently doing everything they can to offer a discount for console players in cooperation with Sony and Microsoft. Another interesting point about the console version is that it will receive the same updates as the PC version, although not all features will be fully available at first, but the plan is definitely on, according to The Fun Pimps.

Major update with Storm's Brewing likely in Q4 2024

Of course, the developers of 7 Days to Die already have a lot of work to do with the launch of the 1.0 version, but according to the roadmap, they even want to release another major update towards the end of 2024, which will bring the name “Storm's Brewing” to everyone's attention. This update will include the following features, among others:

  • a new weather system that will make the world in 7 Days to Die even more atmospheric and a revision of the biome progression
  • Wardrobe system
  • the above-mentioned crossplay and random gen for consoles
  • you can spawn near your friends and don't have to search for them after a new spawn
  • Twitch drops and outfit DLCs
  • more zombie stages

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