7 Days to Die Update Alpha 22 - Preview Background

7 Days to Die Update Alpha 22 - Preview

April 8, 2024
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It's been a while since you've been able to enjoy Alpha 21 on your 7 Days to Die server. In this past update, Navezgane and the difficulty level were adjusted, the graphics and environment were revised and much more. But that's all old news now, because today we're giving you a look at the new features that have been confirmed for the Alpha 22 update.

Below you will find everything we know about the update so far. This also includes the fact that the release period has been set for the coming summer of 2024. However, there is no exact date at the moment, so let's jump right in!

Confirmed Alpha 22 Features

New armor system - Themed armor sets such as Farmer, Lumberjack or Commander await you here. There are also bonuses for wearing an entire set.

New character system - You can customize different parts of your character, such as face, eyes, hair or facial hair and look forward to new animations.

New zombie variants - Individual zombies will spawn with one of several albedo texture variants and can wear different clothing designs or have different hair colors.

New animal rendering - Animals have been given a new fur shader. This results in new deer, bears, rabbits and much more.

New graphics for cars - The appearance of the vehicles changes depending on the mods installed. There is also a new bicycle, minibike, motorcycle and more.

New Points of Interest (POIs) - Here you can look forward to a level 4 army camp, a level 5 school and other new POIs in the wild.

RWG improvements - Reduced memory usage, faster road generation and a new algorithm for generating biomes await you here.

What else is included? - You can also look forward to performance improvements as well as new props, graphics and visual effects. We also know that Alpha 22 will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows/Mac/Linux.

Upcoming confirmed features (not included in Alpha 22)

  • Bandits
  • Weather improvements
  • Improved biome progression
  • Story and factions
  • Steam Workshop support

Prepare for the update on your 7 Days to Die server

Now you know which features 7 Days to Die has in store for you in the new update. Let us know what you are most looking forward to. Is it the new character and armor systems, or rather the new graphical elements? We are sure that the new update will be a hit! So get ready for it on your own 7 Days to Die server and put the zombies in their place with your friends.

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