ARK: Survival Evolved - Modmap “Lost Island” Background

ARK: Survival Evolved - Modmap “Lost Island”

December 14, 2021
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The “Lost Island” modmap will be released on December 14, 2021, on all platforms except the Nintendo Switch as a free DLC expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved.

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Unique Monsters

As the first modmap, “Lost Island” comes with 3 unique monsters. But beyond that, of course, there are other old favorites in this archipelago, such as the Argentavis, Gallimimus, Raptors, Hyaenodon, Stegosaurus and much more.


The Armagasaurus Titancius is very nimble for its size and a pretty good swimmer. So escaping into the cold water isn’t really an option if you’ve angered this fellow. It also has a lot of spikes on its back, which it can even shoot as a weapon, causing frost or fire effects.


The Dinopithecus Anedmundius is visually a bit like a Mandrill monkey and can climb walls and disable Tek armor as well. When he appears in larger groups he is usually aggressive in his behavior. These characteristics make him a remarkable opponent.


Visually, the Sinomacrops Bondei looks a bit like a mix of a butterfly and a bat in dinosaur form, which makes it seem very cute. Fittingly, he is mostly a very docile fellow, which players can even use as a “flying device”. He can also apparently enchant opponents.

Focus on PvE

According to the map creator, the focus of this modmap is more on PvE gameplay (Player vs. Enemy), but this does not mean that there is no PvP. So there should be something for both sides, even if not to the same weight.

Here you can watch the trailer for “Lost Island”:

Biom diversity

The map will offer a wide range of different biomes. Among them are winter regions, steppes, a volcano, a desert, various jungle variants (e.g. swampy), coral reefs and many more. So your eyes should certainly not get bored when you wander over the map to uncover its secrets. Even more info about the map, and its development, can be found on the Twitter channel of the creator: Modmap “LostIsland” on Twitter

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One more thing …

Today you can not only admire this fantastic new modmap, but also the ARK: Winter Wonderland 6 event starts. This event not only wants to bring you in the Christmas spirit, but also provides new content and rewards, suitable for the cold season.

The following things you can experience and pick up during the event:

  • XP boost for gathering, taming and breeding
  • “Raptor Claus” flies over the maps and drops gifts (ex: mistletoe, coal, blueprints and others)
  • New skins (Santa Costume, Snowy Winter Beanie Skin and more) and old skins from previous Winter Wonderland events
  • New emotes and chibis
  • And much more …

We wish you a lot of fun, whether on the cool new modmap “Lost Island” or the festive activities of Winter Wonderland 6.

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