Farming Simulator 22 - New vehicles on the farm Background

Farming Simulator 22 - New vehicles on the farm

March 22, 2022
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With the Antonio Carraro DLC of the Season Pass for Farming Simulator 22, your selection of vehicles will grow significantly. What exactly is included in the DLC, can be found in the news.

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Antonio Carraro DLC Pack

As the name of the DLC pack suggests, everything focuses on the historic vehicle manufacturer Antonio Carraro from Italy. The manufacturer is known for its very agile and specialized vehicles for difficult terrain. When there is little space to work with, the vehicles of this manufacturer are the first choice.


New vehicles at a glance

A total of 10 new vehicles will come into play. The selection of vehicles ranges from the classic Supertigre 635 to the MACH 4 R, a reversible quad track with articulated steering, the manufacturer’s flagship product.

Below we provide you with the complete list:

  • MACH 4 R
  • MACH 2 R
  • Supertigre 635
  • TTR 7600 Infinity
  • TGF 10900 R
  • TONY 10900 SR
  • TONY 10900 TR
  • TONY 10900 TTR
  • TTR 4400
  • Tigrecar 3200

Free DLC: Precision Farming

Earlier on March 19, GIANTS Software released the Precision Farming DLC, which brought some new features to the game.

Among those gameplay mechanics are soil types, soil sampling, variable rate fertilization and economic analysis – fans of Farming Simulator ’19 should already be familiar with them. However, they have been further optimized for the ’22 version.

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