Hell Let Loose - Sign up for the new "Outflank" update Background

Hell Let Loose - Sign up for the new "Outflank" update

December 7, 2021
one minute read

For months, the developers of Hell Let Loose teased the community with details, but now the “Outflank” update is finally here and it is time to join back into the fight.

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A new class of vehicle rolls onto the field

The update not only introduces the German Panzer IV, but also a whole new vehicle class: the half-track vehicle. These tracked vehicles are driven at the rear by a classic track system, but use normal wheels on the front axle. This makes them much more suitable for the terrain and therefore enables new possibilities in combat.

New battle maps

So that the new half-track vehicles can be tested right away, the developers are providing 4 new map variations, with different terrain. These new variants are:

  • Purple Heart Lane Offensive GER
  • Foy Offensive US
  • Hill400 Offensive GER
  • Caretan Offensive GER

And many more …

Of course, that’s not the end of the road. Many other changes, such as improvements to the UI, the scoreboard, resource generation, new poses for characters and much more … find their way into this update.

Now it’s time to adjust your field suit, check your equipment one more time and then get into the battle. Grab a Hell Let Loose server from GPORTAL, gather your friends around you and show your opponents how to properly maneuver.

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