Minecraft "Caves and Cliffs Part 2" is here! Background

Minecraft "Caves and Cliffs Part 2" is here!

November 30, 2021
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Minecraft fans have had to wait a long time until "Caves and Cliffs" is finally complete. Part 1 of the update was released in the summer and now finally Part 2, which brings massive changes to the game world.

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More beautiful mountains and varied caves

At the very top of the list of features should be the new world generation for mountains and caves. Mountains now look more natural, blend better into the landscape, and have new sub-biomes, including a mountain meadow full of flowers and berries, but also snow-covered mountain peaks.

Caves also get some love and receive new sub-biomes – a Dripstone Cave and the Lush Cave. This should make things more varied underground as well. Ore seekers will also be happy to know that larger veins of ore can now be found.

Finally, the maximum height and depth of the game world have been adjusted so that mountains can be even more massive and caves can be found even deeper underground.

Other innovations and things that have not (yet) made it …

The pre-Christmas season is beginning and one thing is making its way back into every household: candles. Appropriately, we finally get candles in Minecraft as well. No light source is more pleasant and creates more coziness than a candle … except maybe two candles … right?

The wait for Part 2 of the update was long, and yet some features will unfortunately not make it into the current update. These include archaeology, backpacks and goat horns, which will find their way into the game at a later date (after “The Wild Update”). Also the much anticipated new biome “Deep Dark”, along with the mob “Warden”, will come later and become part of “The Wild Update” 1.19. But regardless, Caves and Cliffs Part 2 will turn a lot of things upside down and give you plenty of room for exploration and discovery.

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