ARMA Reforger - On the way to ARMA 4 Background

ARMA Reforger - On the way to ARMA 4

May 20, 2022
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Developer Bohemia Interactive has surprisingly released a spin off to the ARMA series, which is supposed to be the predecessor to ARMA 4 in the long run and comes with a new technical foundation and new Enfusion engine.

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Back to the roots

ARMA Reforger throws you into a Cold War setting on a map that should be familiar to veterans of the shooter genre: Everon. The classic from Operation Flashpoint is back and more beautiful than ever.

Showcase Trailer

The ARMA Spin Off comes with the following features:

  • 100% pure multiplayer action
  • Everon (approx. 51 km²) in a new visual appearance
  • Fully accessible buildings with furniture
  • New enfusion engine
  • New technical possibilities through better lighting, new physics system and more
  • And much more …

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Are you a fan of the old Operation Flashpoint and want to see Everon in a new light? Or are you a newcomer to the ARMA series and just want some uncompromising multiplayer action? No matter which side you belong to, with ARMA Reforger and your GPORTAL server you will have fun!

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