ARK Genesis: Part 2 Background

ARK Genesis: Part 2

June 2, 2021
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New biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures - what does the second part of the DLC series “Ark Genesis” offer? As of today, the DLC is available for everyone and we summarize here what you should know about the new world...

New weapons & items

  • A minigun
  • A new bow
  • The “Tek Pistol” (a pistol that can kill, heal, or freeze)

… these are only three of the new items and weapons.

A new ammo box that replenishes all nearby turrets is also among the new features. In addition, there are new saddles, Federation cosmetic clothes, and an incubator (a building that collects babies within a certain radius). Of course, all the items from the base game are also available in Genesis: Part 2.

Travelling: Now easier than ever!

With the new “TEK Hoversail” you now have the opportunity to float through the air and enjoy the tailwind. Through spectacular tricks you can additionally improve your speed.

ARK Genesis: Part 2 Trailer

Unique creatures

Do you already know the Noglin? A being that controls the minds of survivors and creatures alike. Or have you already made the acquaintance of the Exo-Mek? Besides a new world, there are also new creatures waiting to be discovered, captured, or petted by you. The well-known dodos and other creatures like piranhas are also included.

ARK Genesis 2 Server at GPORTAL

With the new DLC, a new look into the world of ARK Genesis is certainly worthwhile. On the GPORTAL servers you can explore the map together with your friends and face the new dangers. Are you ready for this new adventure? Then rent your own server now.

Rent an ARK Server

ATTENTIONARK Genesis: 2 will be released around 3am CEST in the night from Wednesday (02.06.) to Thursday (03.06.).