The ARK "Winter Wonderland" is coming! Ho-ho-ho! Background

The ARK "Winter Wonderland" is coming! Ho-ho-ho!

December 13, 2022
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The developers of ARK are old pros in the event business and will bring us the "Winter Wonderland" event for the 7th time starting on December 14th.

ARK: Winter Wonderland 7


In addition to the usual massively increased XP rates, the event is also packed with all sorts of other extras.

As a very special treat, there is new story content from the characters Helena Walker and Sir Edmund Rockwell in the form of dossiers and notes that can be discovered.

In addition, RaptorKlaus AND GachaKlaus will be visiting you again this year. RaptorKlaus throws gifts down from the sky, which can include high-end loot, branches of mistletoe, or even coal (if you've been naughty). You can then go to GachaKlaus with the branches and coal and exchange them for festive items.

The popular Chibis are also back, bringing new variants such as the Andrewsarchus and Fenrir from Nekatus' "Fjordur" map. These are not to be missed.

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But wait …

There's more! Of course, other developers are also getting in on the act and bringing their own winter or Christmas events to the virtual world. We would like to introduce you to some of them.

Frozen Flame


Travel to a completely new island - Christmas Island. There you will meet a new merchant named Krampus, who will surely have some nice things ready for you.

For your home you'll also get 10 new decorations adapted to the current season. Also keep an eye out for all the presents on the island, who knows what you'll find inside. The update and event are already live.

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Core Keeper


Underground, in the world of Core Keeper, it's also getting festive. The evil monsters are dressing up to match the festivities, and there are gifts for you as well in the form of new cosmetic and decorative items.

Snacks will also be served and on top of that you will be able to come across "little helpers". What are they all about? Find out, the event starts today (December 13th).

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RUST is also getting cozy with the Christmas event that will start on December 15th. What can you look forward to? There will be a contest for the most beautifully decorated base, an advent calendar, classic loot drops dropped by Santa, and more.

After just recently celebrating its 9th birthday, RUST has another reason to celebrate. Ho-ho-ho!

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