Astroneer: Crossplay PC Server to PS4 Background

Astroneer: Crossplay PC Server to PS4

April 9, 2021
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Many have been waiting for it, finally it's here: Astroneer can now be played in crossplay with PS4 - As of now, many new astronaut friends are coming our way, right?

Become a spaceman too

An interplanetary gold rush has broken out! You must explore the vastness of space, explore new planets and their raw materials to be able to develop. But be careful! Space is full of dangers, so always be careful on your journey of exploration.

Astroneer Trailer

Big, bigger – Astroneer!

Collect resources, discover new planets and expand your home base. With new technologies and a variety of options, you can farm resources and upgrade your rocket even more effectively. The better your rocket is, the further out into space you can go. Good luck!

Astroneer Server at GPORTAL

You have already rented a server for your PC? Very good, because on every PC server you can now play crossplay with PS4 players. Explore the depths of space together – there are no hurdles for you!

Rent an Astroneer Server