Atlas Update - Trade Winds Background

Atlas Update - Trade Winds

April 30, 2021
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Patch 524.10 brings many exciting new features to the well-known pirate survival MMO game. In "Atlas", players take on the role of pirates who can explore a mysterious world and design their own pirate ship.

The new Tradewinds – A completely new gaming experience?

“Tradewinds” – as the new sailing routes on the waters are called – are prescribed routes across the new map that give each ship a certain wind boost. This makes travelling much faster and more relaxed over long, but also short distances!

Tradewinds – Trailer

Further innovations

Törööö – even the elephants get a cool upgrade. Who hasn’t always wanted to shoot from the back of an elephant with their cannon? Now you can do just that! New enemies like crocodiles and spiders also get in the way of your journeys… What are you waiting for – Let’s go on an adventure!

A new GPORTAL map?

From now on we are happy to present you the update on our servers. You will also find our own 2×2 GPORTAL map, which is just waiting to be explored… Are you up for the challenge? Then rent your own server now.

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