Barotrauma - Version 1.0 reaches the surface Background

Barotrauma - Version 1.0 reaches the surface

March 14, 2023
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Developer FakeFish and Undertow Games emerge from Early Access with Barotrauma and launch version 1.0 of the horror survival submarine simulator. On board are new content, revisions and countless bug fixes.

Horror Survival like you have never experienced before

Barotrauma is a real insider tip among horror survival fans and a unique game. With its ragdoll system, its extremely oppressive atmosphere, the many horror elements, but also the strategic gameplay when managing your own submarine, it challenges its players on many levels.

Now with the 1.0 release of Barotrauma, the developers are delivering another ton of adjustments and revisions so that players can enjoy the best version of Barotrauma yet.

Among the new features:

  • Revision of the factions
  • New missions and events
  • Improved reputation system and faction-specific benefits
  • New ending sequence for the campaign
  • Countless improvements and bug fixes

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