Big Minecraft server sale alongside our Minecraft spring event Background

Big Minecraft server sale alongside our Minecraft spring event

April 22, 2024
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Minecraft 1.21 is not far away. With our 30% off Minecraft Server Sale you can get your server at a super low price and try out upcoming content together with your friends on the latest snapshots. In addition, our Minecraft Spring Event starts with an ULTRACOOL Minecraft Map.

Discover the world of Minecraft with 30% off your server

Are you a Minecraft pro or have you never tried Minecraft before? No matter which group you belong to, we have the BEST offer for you to immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft.

Along with our Minecraft Spring Event (where you can win MEGA prizes, by the way), we're launching a 30% sale on our Minecraft servers starting today, April 22nd.

There's no better time to rediscover Minecraft, prepare for the upcoming 1.21 update or simply enjoy the sheer endless variety in Minecraft.

Grab your GPORTAL Minecraft server with the best hardware now and benefit from exclusive GPORTAL features such as a selection of well over 250 pre-installed modpacks to get the fun started right away.


Take part in our Minecraft Spring Event

Not only are our first-class Minecraft servers on offer, we are also running a COOL spring event and have prepared a HUGE Minecraft event map for it. Search for tons of cookies and, with a little luck, win awesome prizes and GPORTAL credit.

The following main prizes are up for grabs:
Place 1: Yamaha ZG01 Mixer + 100€/$ GPORTAL Credit
Place 2: YH-G01 Headset + 50€/$ GPORTAL Credit
Place 3: Yamaha AG01 USB Streaming Mic + 25€/$ GPORTAL Credit

Use our registration form and register now for the event and then start right away. You can also find all the information in the form.

Register now for the event