50% Discount - Black Friday at GPORTAL Background

50% Discount - Black Friday at GPORTAL

November 24, 2022
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BLACK FRIDAY is just around the corner at GPORTAL and runs from Nov. 24th - Nov. 28th.! We're offering a full 50% discount on all new game servers - for the whole weekend! Choose your favorite game now and save!

The GPORTAL Black Friday Game Highlights

Discover Silverrun Forest with the FS 22

The latest Platinum Expansion for Farming Simulator 22 has just arrived. Discover the new and breathtaking map Silverrun Forest, build your own boats in a shipyard or build your personal roller coaster. The whole world of Farming Simulator 22 is open to your own farm.

50% off FS 22 Server

Create your world in Minecraft

Minecraft has been an indispensable game in the gaming industry for over 10 years. The huge worlds always offer you new things to discover and, with their gigantic size, provide plenty of room to let your creativity run wild. Build castles, fortresses, villages or even big cities alone or together with your friends and use the pre-installed mods to make your world shine in new glory.

50% off Minecraft Server

The fog in Valheim is lifting

The final release of the Mistlands update is still some way off, but you can already try out some of the update's new content on the test servers for Valheim. Venture into this new and spooky area with your friends. What horrors will you discover and what treasures are there to be recovered? Find out with your GPORTAL server.

50% off Valheim Server

In the mood for RPG? Frozen Flame is here!

Survival and RPG games are your thing? Then we have something new for you. Frozen Flame was released on November 17th and is a good mix of both genres. The expansive world called Arcana and customizable skills that advance you in combat are just two of Frozen Flame's core elements. Use your flying ability to travel between the islands of the world and prepare yourself ... for the big fight.

50% off Frozen Flame Server

Our GPORTAL Zoo is still open

Want a change from Minecraft and a little more action? Grab your friends and pay a visit to the GPORTAL Zoo Minecraft event!

We have opened our doors for you until November 30th and invite you to experience exciting stories, complete interesting quests and you can even win something! Sounds good? Then quickly go to the GPORTAL Zoo Server and find collectibles to win great prizes.

More info GP Zoo

Dinosaurs are your thing? ARK is ready for you!

Another all-time favorite in the survival genre: ARK: Survival Evolved. If the previous games aren't for you, ARK may appeal to you more. Tame dinosaurs and make them your friends and companions, breed your own baby dinosaurs and uncover the history of ARK together with friends. All this and more can only be found in ARK: Survival Evolved.

50% off ARK: SE Server

Magic worlds in Conan Exiles

At the beginning of September this year, the latest update Age of Sorcery for Conan Exiles was released. Dive into the world of magic and sorcerers, pay a visit to the Black Lotus Bazaar and change the appearance and strengths of your character with the attributes and corruption. Create your own kingdom and rule over enemies and your nation.

50% off Conan Exiles Server

Grab the 50% discount and save for your next gaming session with friends!

50% off all game servers