POW! BOOM! Black Friday bangers across our game servers Background

POW! BOOM! Black Friday bangers across our game servers

November 24, 2023
2 minutes to read

KA-BOOM! Attention gaming heroes and heroines! Black Friday is here and brings with it a huge flood of offers for our game servers! Buckle up, it's going to be epic!

Grab your 50% off buff WOOSH!

Our trusty Mr. Maintenance went on a long treasure hunt for Black Friday and finally found the big treasure, a 50% off buff and YOU can benefit from it. WOW!

From November 24th 12AM PST - 28th 12AM PST you get 50% off on all new PC and Playstation servers we offer. OMG!

So don't hesitate and grab your server today SWOOSH! before the buff expires and disappears into a treasure chest again. POOF!

If you want to know the full story of how Mr. Maintenance got the buff, read his story below. The poor guy has been through a lot. AWWW!

Get 50% off your server

Save double with the Steam Autumn sale

Not only can you get a 50% discount on all new PC and Playstation servers, but on top of that the Steam Autumn sale is currently running with almost endless discounts on countless games.

We have collected a few TOP offers for you here:

  • 7 Days To Die 76% off
  • V Rising 20% off
  • DayZ 40% off
  • Conan Exiles 75% off
  • The Front 25% off
  • RUST 33% off
  • Valheim 40% off
  • American Truck Simulator 75% off
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 75% off
  • Astro Colony 30% off

And SO MUCH more!

Mr. Maintenance on the hunt for the 50% off buff

BOOM! The gaming world shakes as Black Friday unleashes its incredible power! But don't worry, our Mr. Maintenance is ready to rummage through all the game worlds to get the 50% savings buff for you.

His first stop takes him to Minecraft. WHOOSH! As soon as he spawns, he sees a large fortress in the distance, guarded by creepers. But the brave Mr. Maintenance ventures into the fortress and explores it. OOPS! Zombies, skeletons and other monsters are waiting around every corner. Mr. Maintenance bravely SMASH!es his way through the corridors and finally finds a room with a double chest. UUHHH! But it only contains a diamond sword, bone meal and a carrot(?). The 50% off buff is nowhere to be found. ARGH!

Now he visits the exotic world of Conan Exiles COOL!, a harsh environment full of dangers, but where there are dangers, there are also treasures. YEAH! Skilled with his axe, Mr. Maintenance knocks some meanies off their socks BAM! and stumbles upon some ruins not far from a small oasis. He immediately pounces on the crates and jars standing around in the ruins. SMASH! But unfortunately there's nothing more to be found than a few scarabs, spider webs and dust. The legendary 50% off buff must be hidden somewhere else. OH…

The journey takes him further into the dark lands of V Rising. ZIPP! Mr. Maintenance doesn't like this world at all. Everything is far too dark and gloomy and the creatures in the shadows seem to be very hungry. OMG! He spots a castle on the side of the path and carefully sneaks through a gap in the fence. Once inside the castle, the atmosphere is freezing cold. BRRRRR! Whoever lives here doesn't value comfort. Then he opens a door to a room with carefully sorted chests, one of which is labeled "Treasures". Mr. Maintenance looks inside and is startled and terrified. AHHHH! All blood essences, nothing else. YUCK!

His last trip takes Mr. Maintenance to his farm in Farming Simulator 22. After all that treasure hunting, he needs some rest. HMPF! So off he goes on the tractor and quickly harvests the field behind the farm. While he is driving across the field, he bumps into an object. CRASH! He stops immediately to have a look, and there is a chest lying in the field. How did it get here? HMM! Completely surprised, he opens it immediately and a bright light catches his eye. ZAP! And sure enough, there it is, the 50% off buff. WOW! Mr. Maintenance has found it after all, where he least expected it. SMILE!

But what is this, a clock starts ticking and counts down quickly. AARGH! It seems that the buff is not permanent, but limited in time. The display shows November 28, 12 noon as the expiration time. TICKTACK!

Get 50% off your server