Conan Exiles - Age of War Chapter 2 Background

Conan Exiles - Age of War Chapter 2

September 21, 2023
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The developers at Funcom continue to make progress in their Age of War for Conan Exiles. Among other things, Chapter 2 brings a completely reworked purge system, adjustments to the loot throughout the game and countless bug fixes.

New in Chapter 2

With Chapter 2 of the Age of War, the conflict between you and the Stygian forces continues to expand. The Stygians will besiege you in the all-around renewed Purges and try to get to your hoard. Build defenses and protect your base. Fight with your clan members and grab huge treasures.

With the new pyramid set, you'll also be able to create pyramids yourself. This is sure to be an eye-catcher for enemies and friends alike. Also, the loot in the game has been completely reworked and improved. And of course there is a new BattlePass and new items in the Bazzar.

Revised Purge

The new purge system is a big part of the new update. In contrast to the previous process, a purge will always be triggered manually in the future and is therefore absolutely optional. Don't like the purges? No problem, just ignore them. However, if you are looking for rich loot, then talk to your treasurer.

Then a purge will be triggered. The strength is based on factors such as the size of your hoard, the amount of clan members, and more. The current levels of 1 - 10 could be expanded in the future.

Before the purge begins, a stygian camp forms in the immediate vicinity of your fortress. From there, waves of enemies will pour towards you. Defend your belongings at all costs and defeat the Stygian leader to loot their treasures.

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