Conan Exiles - "Age of War" starts now! Background

Conan Exiles - "Age of War" starts now!

June 22, 2023
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The Age of Sorcery is officially over and the Age of War begins. "Age of War" for Conan Exiles is released today and brings all sorts of new gameplay and content.

A new era begins!

A completely new storyline - the invasion of the land of the exiles by the infamous Stygians - as well as precious treasures you need to find, new gameplay, new clan features such as clan banners, a fresh Battlepass with tons of cosmetics, new store content and much more is coming to Conan Exiles with the new "Age of War" update.

Face the age of war on your GPORTAL server

And of course the update is now available on our GPORTAL servers. So polish your armor and sharpen your weapons, because the age of war is calling you, now on your GPORTAL server.

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