Conan Exiles - A new age is upon us! Background

Conan Exiles - A new age is upon us!

May 25, 2023
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With the last update, Chapter 3 of "Age of Sorcery", the developers of Conan Exiles had already hinted that a new age would be coming. Now we know which one it will be and what new content will appear with it.

War is on the horizon

The new era will be the Age of War and Chapter 1 of it will be released on the live servers on June 22. The developers have shown some first information about the update in a live stream.

The core of the "Age of War" update is that we, as players, will experience the invasion of the land of the exiles by the infamous Stygians.

Clan banner and more

An interesting and certainly much requested feature are the clan banners, which can now be created and printed on shields, for example. This way you can scare your enemies just by looking at the banner.

Adjustments and changes to the weapon balance and weapons in general are also planned. Beyond that, there is of course a lot more to experience, besides the as usual new Battlepass and store items.

The planned release on June 22nd is not far away. Better start practicing your war cry already.

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