Conan Exiles DLC: Isle of Siptah Full Release Background

Conan Exiles DLC: Isle of Siptah Full Release

May 27, 2021
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The time has finally come! Starting today the DLC map Isle of Siptah is now officially available after a complete overhaul and we offer support for Playstation and Xbox!

Now accessible to everyone!

After the Isle of Siptah received a complete rework in the last major update, it is now available to all players. Not only an enlargement of the map by almost 20%, but also a new set of buildings and 14 new vaults are among the many new features.

Other NPC factions on the island

More than 40 new faction camps can be found all over the map. Among them are the two new biomes: Isle of Dusk and Isle of Dawn.

  • In the east, the Stygian mercenaries are rebuilding their old colonies.
  • In the western coastal region, terrifying strongholds of black corsairs are emerging.
  • In the center of the island, humans join forces with dark creatures – the Accursed.

In addition, a new religion has reached the island, which makes it possible to summon and control the spider god Zath.

New mechanics in the game

  • Purges introduce a new way to acquire loot
  • Players now have more options to customize their endgame
  • Mysterious statues can be used to summon monsters
  • People can be rescued from cages in camps
  • Bodies can be searched and looted
  • The lighting and environment was slightly improved

Additional Changes

Through the new Purges and lootable treasure chambers that now find their way onto Siptah, additional slaves can be added to one’s army. Furthermore, a new sprint attack system brings variety into the battle! With the Isle of Siptah, a new Conan Exiles experience is guaranteed!

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